Eye Candy: High Yardage

August 16th, 2018

high yardage cover
AndeeKF’s More Pi Poncho

For today’s Eye Candy post I used the yardage filter to look at projects that were made with 2100+ yards (1920+ meters) of yarn. Let me tell you – “eye candy” barely begins to describe the beauty of the high-yardage projects people have made. Here are some of my favorite recently completed ones!

high yardage group 1

I love the drape and fit of these garments: annielucy’s cherry, woodcockUK’s Seyschelles, and anifloda’s pick your side.

high yardage 2

Who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves in one of these cozy shawls? ilzep’s Emma (Honey), Vogeltje80’s Papyrifera omslagdoek, and Margotchien’s Stevie.

high yardage 3

Blankets, of course, are by far the most common type of project made with this amount of yarn. A few that caught my eye are Leenchen’s Trio Blanket Nr. 1, Green-Mouse’s Around the world. –°anada, and eyeslikethesummer’s Salem.

Works of art, labors of love, feats of strength – these high-yardage projects are work every second of time put into them!