Eye Candy: Pink!

February 28th, 2019

A girl with her hair pulled back wears a shawl made with pink and gold yarn
Jeannetricote’s Rhinebeck Girl’s best friend

I don’t watch a lot of awards shows but I really love seeing what people wear to them and the recent Academy Awards were no exception. The theme I heard over and over from the award show fashion was about all of the different shades of pink that were on the red carpet, so I decided to check out the projects made recently on Ravelry that feature pink yarn.

Left a crocheted wreath with pink flowers, middle a crochet blanket with colors from dark pink to purple and right a pink amigurumi whale

First up a few crochet projects. From left to right: WatermelonHelen’s Bedroom Wreath, SapphireChele’s Sweet Pea Blanket CAL and lanamarie95’s M. Richard the Whale

Left a small cowl with variegated yarn, middle a pair of bright pink socks, right a lace shawl trimmed with bright pink

Next, here are a few knit accessories to keep you warm and brighten your day. From left to right: GoldenIris’ Cream Puff, Domicroche’s Galiano Socks and Nantzi’s 2019 Rose City Yarn Crawl MKAL

Left a light pink sweater with a sheer top, middle a marled sweater with pops of hot pink, right a grey sweater with a pink color work yoke

Finally, I loved these knit sweaters that incorporate varying amounts and shades of pink. From left to right: Secgoff’s As If Tee, eyelikethesummer’s Crazy Marled Raglan and maryks’ Cardigan 2019

I enjoyed seeing all of the different ways people have used pink in their projects. If you want to see more, or to get inspiration for other colors, you can search projects by color family.