Eye Candy: Neutrals

January 10th, 2019

Two grey mittens with a tiger design shown when they are put side by side

Many people think neutral colors are boring, but in looking at projects this week, I found several very interesting projects that were made primarily made with neutrals. I love how the light contrast of the grey and white above show off the tiger pattern in CristalLittleK’s Ussuri Tiger project. Here are a few more!

A black and white shawl on a woman in a black shirt on the left and some black and white mitts on the right

The fun thing about neutrals is that they can be used with a light contrast or a more dramatic contrast, as is the case with these two. On the left, nannyknitter62’s Emiliana uses black and white for a stunning finished object. On the right, the same level of contrast is used in a different pattern in skyfox66’s Underwing Mitts.

On the left, a light brown crochet hat with a maroon top, in the middle a light brown cabled hat with a large cream pom pom and on right a cream cabled hat in the snow
I also found several neutral hats that would easily fit into many wardrobes. From left to right: Tjones76’s Slouchy Beanie is mostly neutral, with a little color pop on top, ElafromGdansk’s Bray Cap is perfect for winter and Alisa75’s Frosty hat looks lovely in the snow.

Man in grey vest on the left and a little crocheted bunny on a shelf on the right
Finally, I just really loved these projects! First, joreielle7’s Sand Classic Camel Vest can be worn with so many things and I love this little bunny made by SandrillonKnits, the Lalylala 4 seasons EASTER project.

While I tend to gravitate toward bright colors, these neutrals are inspiring me to take a second look at some of the neutral yarn I have in my stash. I hope they inspire you, too!