Eye Candy: Hold it Right There!

December 12th, 2018

Hands wearing yellow fingerless mitts holding an elephant figurine
treeseeker’s Hand Holding

I often laugh at the extremes that I go to when photographing finished items, particularly those items that are a bit more difficult to find a good way to capture. When looking at projects this week, it made me smile to see all of the unique ways that people presented their mitten and glove projects and I thought I’d share a few of them!

Three photos: gloved hands hanging a wreath on a tree, gloved hands hanging ornaments and rainbow gloves held against a tree.

First off, several Ravelers photographed their finished mittens and glove projects with trees of all kinds! Wimmelkinder’s Ellri Mitts for Kerstin, tataporto’s White Christmas and mc-chick’s Helix Mitts

Three photos: Hands with mittens holding a red mug, aqua fingerless gloves holding a plant in a pot and a hand in a Fair Isle mitt holding its match
In addition to the amazing elephant above, a few other Ravelers showed their finished projects while holding something. Tippelditapser held a coffee mug when showing us Warm hands Nr. 19: Remember Orkney Isles, drbean held a plant while wearing the Tangled Yarn Mittens and thuisproject held the other mitt in finished photos of the Lotus Mittens.

I love the creativity shown by Ravelers not only in what they make but also in how they show those things off! Thanks to all of those who are featured here for finding fun ways to show us their projects and to all of you who add amazing photographs to our database every day.