Eye Candy: Hats!

November 19th, 2018

knit hat with blue background, grey stranded designs, and raised grey tree motifs

incs’ Norrland Hat

So far this month, Ravelers have completed more hat projects than any other category – at the time of writing this post, 11,470 hat projects, to be exact! Here are just a few that I loved (it was really hard to narrow this down – if you want more hat inspiration definitely check out our project search!).

three hats: a blue textured knit, a green textured knit, and a blue crocheted hat, all with large fluffy faux-fur pom-poms

I really love the giant, faux-fur pom-poms like those in junepurls’ Two Drifters Fidra, terscher’s Kate’s Tread, and StellaGalla’s Cobblestone Hat. So fluffy!

three hats: a striped, knit hat with chunky cables, a knit hat with a raised squid detail, and a crocheted hat with stripes on the bias

I loved all of these cozy, creative hats: thekarrianne’s Ombre Cable Hat… 39, IrishElinor’s Hagrid’s Giant Squid Hat, and JanjaD’s Give it a Whirl Hat.

In writing this post, I realized I don’t have a single hat with a pom-pom. Obviously I need to fix my pom-pom deficient situation as soon as possible! If you are working on any hats right now, I hope they turn out perfectly cozy and warm!