Eye Candy: Bags

July 20th, 2018

I love all these recently completed bags: they are practical, cute, and look like they were fun to make!

bags 1

The neutral colors make for such chic accessories: lifeiscozy’s Sun City Bag, marumeroco’s 26 bag, and PetraMar’s Bucket Bag Beauty.

bags 2

These bright, whimsical bags are so fun! loopysue’s rainbow zipper pouch, Usafrida’s weightless produce bags, and knitphomaniac’s frog coin purse.

bags 3

I was really drawn to the patterns and textures in MijungKim’s Mono Mochila(모노 모칠라)Bag, textileweb’s Felted Entrelac Tote, and stringplay’s Golden Fairfax Reticule.

You can check out more beautiful bags in our project search!