Eye Candy: Building Blocks

June 13th, 2018

SteppingAway’s Do It Again

One thing I love about working with yarn is that you can start with something fairly simple, like a square, and through the use of pattern and color, you can join squares together into something amazing. Today I wanted to feature some projects using blocks that caught my eye.

From left to right: tsetse’s Granny Square, Granny Square, belqut70’s Stained Glass Window – St Louis Version and annekemie’s Tropitile CAL

On the left, Shiney300’s Bohemian Oasis Blanket and on the right, marthamckenzie’s Sediment Scraps Blanket

With the summer temperatures rising here, it can be hard to work on a large project, so I plan to start a project made of small squares soon. I hope you can find some inspiration for a similar project in the great ones featured here. Thanks to all of you who post your projects in Ravelry and inspire us daily!