In our pattern and project searches, you can search by the number of colors used. I love this filter for looking at beautiful monochromatic projects and patterns, and also for extra-colorful lovelies! For today’s Eye Candy, I was inspired by the gorgeous projects made with 6 or more colors. Here are some of my favorites that have been completed in the past few months!

many colors toys

So many great toys came up in my search – the details are just wonderful! Pictured above are skauogco’s Rose’s bog, crazyquilter’s
Rupert Jerome Thistlewhistle, Forest Gnome, and OrangeShooze’s Benny the Birthday Monkey.

many colors bold

These projects definitely caught my eye with their bold, bright, hues: lindsaymudd’s Prism with Triangles, iridaea’s colour collection towels, and DizzyTM’s Rainbow Whimsy.

many colors subtle

These projects have more muted palettes that I think are just beautiful: Mommy2Lu’s Surprise!, bessie4dogs’ Man Vest, and soniams’ Mystical Lanterns Blanket.

These projects show that sometimes it is well worth weaving in a ton of ends!