Eye Candy: Pillow Fight!

April 13th, 2018

My kids have a pillow fight every night before bed. Let’s just say it’s not great for winding down. I have been itching to make pillows for a while now, some they won’t be allowed to fight with, so I turned to recently completed projects for inspiration.

These are so pretty and I love how the photos place me right in the homes where these pillows live. From left to right: d a h l i a by thisladyloves, Our life paths intersect by elita1111 and something pretty by Britbaker

I love the patterning on these pillows: mycrochetprojects Dove square pillow, Plaid pattern cushion cover by JimiKnits and Folk pillow cover – Heather by AussieHeather

I couldn’t resist the whimsy in these cushions: Cloud Pillow by KnitterMama1, Bliss the Bird Pillow by ShieldGirl77 and Donut Pillow by jamiepilar

I hope you enjoyed these fun pillows and that they inspire you to make some, too!