Tip: Project Search

February 9th, 2018

I often base my tips posts on emails that I get from Ravelers. I get emails periodically from people saying they can’t find their project in a search. Most of the time, they can’t find it because they don’t know how to get to the project search and are searching in the pattern search instead. So, today I thought I’d share two easy ways to access the project search with you.

The first way to access the project search is to use the “quick search” option on the Ravelry front page. Enter the name of the project you might be searching for and then use the drop down to choose projects. This is best to use if you are searching for something specific.

A second easy way to access the project search is to use the magnifying glass tab. To search only for projects, click the magnifying glass tab…

then click “projects”.

On that page, you can use a variety of search attributes to browse through projects. It can be really fun to look at all of the recently projects in a specific category, like hats for example. I find that I am always inspired by what other Ravelers are making when I go through the project search.

I hope this helps you to find the projects that you are looking for and maybe some inspiration, as well.