Tip: Photo Rotating

October 5th, 2017

Have you ever added a photo to your project only to realize that it was upside down or sideways? Previously, you would have to rotate it outside of Ravelry and then add it again but now you can rotate it when you upload it! At this time, you can’t rotate previously added images, but you can rotate them as a part of photo uploading.

In case you missed it, you can find full instructions on using our new photo uploader in this previous post. After you add your image, you will see a little pencil when you either hover over or click on the image (depending on your device). Click that pencil and you’ll see the little “rotate” button below the image.

Click the rotate button until the image is oriented the way you want it and then choose the “save” button.

After you hit “save”, you’ll see a little progress bar as the photo rotates but then it will be replaced with the thumbnail of your rotated image and you’re all set!

The images above are screenshots from my phone, but the process will be the same from a phone or computer browser. We hope this will make adding images to your projects just a bit easier!