Eye Candy: Laceweight Yarn

September 29th, 2017

I love the fine detail you can get when making projects out of laceweight yarn: intricate stitches, delicate color changes, beautiful drape. Today’s Eye Candy highlights some beautiful projects made with laceweight, all of which have been completed so far this month.

laceweight 1

Left: knittimo’s Dawn, Right: skripka-lisa’s Cardamon/Кардамон

laceweight 2

Left: mng’s Prairie Wedding, Right: devonnejoy’s Mixed Berries Mohair Scarf

laceweight 3

Left: PadreWayne’s Scottish Lichen Scarf, Right: Pinneguri’s

Our Project Search is an easy way to find other projects made with specific weights of yarn – you can select the weight you’d like to see in the filters on the side, and even add more filters from the list. Enjoy!