Eye Candy: Ponchos

September 19th, 2017

When I first started knitting, ponchos were all the rage. My first garment was a poncho because it used techniques I knew how to do and I was less worried about my ability to make it fit. I have really loved seeing new shapes and ideas incorporated into ponchos lately, so I thought I’d share a few that have been made by the Ravelry community.

I love the stitch patterns used in this first group. From left to right: CKidwell’s Versus Stone Point, EllavM’s Denizen Poncho and NinjaChickens Claire.

The bright solid colors really make these two shine. From left to right: GGmadeit’s Ca-Orangecho and lavendelblau’s Fingerhut.

Finally, the colors used in these last three caught my eye. From left to right: ichstrickewieder’s Ponchito, chervil’s Silky Watercolor Poncho and RoniRJ’s Ida Shawl.

I would love to skip my current work in progress to start a poncho! I hope you found these recently completed ponchos inspiring, too. You can find more using this search.