Eye Candy: Total Eclipse

August 23rd, 2017

Many in the US spent Monday looking skyward from behind special glasses as a total eclipse made its way across the country. Other countries were able to see it, as well, though mostly as a partial eclipse. It was really fun to see all of the posts online about people excitedly experiencing this phenomenon and this excitement was also seen in Ravelry projects. I thought I would share a few!

This Solar Eclipse Amigurumi by ellafofella was the first eclipse project to catch my eye. What a cute way to commemorate the day!

I love a good garland, and this Solar Eclipse garland by DebbieDianne is no exception!

These coasters and dishcloths are so fun! From left to right: RaeA’s Happy Solar Eclipse Coast-er Coast Day, vibeskat’s Solar eclipse coaster and BellaSeesStars’ Solar Eclipse Dishcloth

Then there were a few projects that were more indirectly related to the eclipse. On the left we have bdrx’s Idaho Total Solar Eclipse 2017! I love the picture of her finished hat with the solar eclipse glasses. Then, in the middle is knitstina’s Invisible Sun, made to celebrate the solar eclipse. Finally, on the right, are tyedyediva’s Solar Eclipse Socks with bright toes and a speckled yarn.

I love how crafters find a way to mark a time in their lives with things that they make, whether they are big or small! Where the total eclipse was visible, it only lasted for a few minutes, but these knitters and crocheters will have the finished items featured here as a reminder of that day.