Tip: New Photo Uploader

August 17th, 2017

Today’s tip is an improved feature – our new photo uploader for pictures in your notebook and on pattern and yarn pages. With the new uploader we have simplified the existing tasks of uploading your photos as well as adding enhancements like captions and personal preference settings.


The new photo uploader can be found on notebook items as well as yarn and pattern pages; click the photos tab to open the uploader. Once it is open you have the option to upload from your device, any linked accounts such as Instagram, Google Photos, or Flickr, or enter a URL for an image. After selecting a photo can now click on where in the order you want it to upload. On a computer you can also drag and drop in a photo directly from your desktop.

Photo editing

As before, you can drag and drop your photos into any order you prefer. If you want to delete or recenter a photo, you can mouseover on a computer or tap once on a mobile device to see those options.


In the photo above you’ll notice there’s a pencil on that hover menu for photos. If you click on that a text field will open where you can enter a caption for your photo. You can go back and caption any existing photos in your notebook, or just decide to do so going forward.


At the far right of the photo uploader you’ll see a settings tab. This is where you can choose whether you prefer new photos to go to the top or bottom of the list by default, whether to open the caption text box after each photo you upload, and whether you’ll want to store separate caption and copyright fields for your photos.

Enjoy the new photo uploading features. I look forward to seeing the lovely results  across Ravelry!