Let’s look at what some of the machine knitters of Ravelry have been up to!

-claudine- hand dyed natural yarn and knit this Bug Sweater on a Passap E6000.
ableramm used all kinds of Wollmeise for her Painted Ladies of Cape May (Brother KH-960).

HandSoOnKnits’ Machine Avenue (Silver Reed LK-150) is her first machine project!
emteedee’s Blümchenjacke (Brother KH-930) is based on Kirsten M. Jensen’s Mekko.

KristiMil’s Cross the seven seas is her own design.
perkypattern’s drawstring bag · skull + leopard skin was created using an All Yarns Are Beautiful hacked Brother.

If you own a Brother KH-9xx and controlling it from a computer sounds cool, check out http://ayab-knitting.com and the AYAB group on Ravelry.

If you don’t visit any machine knitting groups and you’d like to, here are some good starting points: Machine Knitting, Aussie Machine Knitters or Maschinenstricker.