Tip: Saved Searches

August 3rd, 2017

I enjoy crafting the perfect Ravelry search – not too strict, not too permissive – that captures a group of patterns I like. When one of them is something that I know I will want to return to, I make sure to keep it using the saved search feature. If it’s something new to you, you’ll enjoy today’s blog post where I go through it.

To save a search, click the link by that name on the search page. Give the search a name and if it is a pattern search you will be given the option to subscribe to the search. This means that you’ll get a visual notification if there are new pattern results in the search, like the message below:

To find a saved search again, use the magnifying glass that is in the top navigation of every page. In the center you’ll see a list of your saved searches as well as a link to administer them. This is also where you will see a red bubble if there are new items in a subscribed search.

Some of the ways we like to use saved searches are:

  • keep up with new patterns in our preferred styles (save a pattern search with parameters for your preferences)
  • get a notification if there’s a new pattern by a favorite designer (save a pattern search filtered by a specific designer)
  • look for new projects on an uncommon pattern (save a project search filtered by a specific pattern)
  • look for eye candy (save a project search filtered by something that inspires you)