rainbow 1
LindaDavie’s Rainbow Amineko Cats

Today I’m sharing bright, beautiful rainbow projects!

rainbows 2

From left to right: Ullamarike’s incredible Rainbow Umbrella, psyche-dog’s incredible Horse Sculpture, and RadicalWeft’s cheery “Izzy’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Wrist Warmers. (Thanks to Raveler missmalarkey sent me a message alerting me to psyche-dog’s incredible project while I was writing this post – I was delighted to see the rainbow colors matched today’s theme, and also, WOW.)

rainbow 3

Above are Ambiknitrix’s cozy Double Happiness Socks, Beth02116’s cool bike rack (and adorable dog Purl!), and redvoodoo’s moody woven rainbow scarf.

I hope these rainbows brightened your day!