sweater bundles

I love making sweaters, but I also love the simple act of dreaming about and planning the sweaters I want to make. Even better: dreaming about sweaters I want to make with yarn I already have in my stash. One way I do this is, of course, to attach stashed yarn to the pattern I plan to make with it when I add the pattern to my Ravelry queue. Because I keep my queue small, with only projects I really plan to knit in the immediate future (and only with yarn I already have), I use another Ravelry feature to organize the sweater quantities of yarn I don’t yet have plans for: bundles!

I made a bundle called Future Sweaters, to which I’ve added all of my sweater quantities of yarn. It’s one of my most practical bundles and makes it really easy to find stashed yarns I want to use when I am ready to start a new sweater project, or when I just want to think about what type of sweater I’d like to make next.

If you’d like to make a similar bundle, you can do it in a couple of ways, depending upon whether or not you’ve added your Ravelry yarn to your stash.

sweater bundles 2

If you track your stash in Ravelry, you can sort your stashed yarn by most yardage to quickly see all the yarns you bought with intentions for solid-color sweaters or other large projects. From here, click on the stashed item, add it to your favorites, and then select or create your sweater quantities bundle from the resulting pop-up.

sweater bundles 3

If you haven’t yet added your stash to Ravelry, you can still make a sweater quantities bundle by going to the Ravelry yarn page of the yarns you own sweater quantities for, and adding them to your favorites and then your bundle.

There are so many different ways to organize things by bundles! It’s nearly 90 degrees where I live today but I figure dreaming up sweaters is appropriate no matter the season. Sometimes I just like looking at my Future Sweaters bundle and admiring the photos of my pretty yarn. I’m sure you understand!