Eye Candy: Skirts

May 23rd, 2017

We have featured eye candies from all sorts of pattern categories – sweaters and jewelry and socks and dresses – but one we haven’t covered yet is skirts. So, this week I’m highlighting recently finished skirt projects.

First up, some skirts for kids. Frida’s Fluffy skirt, LeneV’s Mirabilis, and dadinako’s Yacht Club Skirt.

Next up, some form-fitting FOs. LadyFick’s “She’s Electric” Aztec Pattern Bodycon Skirt, Tuesdaynightknits’ Fair Isle Skirt, and gaylefrancis’ Sweet Treat Pencil Skirt.

And finally, some flowing skirts! masayocchi’s Y-389 Kureyon Sock Yarn skirt, natakuteev’s Жемчужная юбка, and katyazag’s Летний Дождь.

Here’s a search for skirt projects on Ravelry. If you want to search for skirts or another type of FO, check out the pattern category filter in our projects advanced search!