Eye Candy: Speckles

April 25th, 2017

A yarn trend I am loving lately is speckled yarn. It looks so enticing in the skein and is so fun to work up and see how the color is splashed around. Today’s eye candy is focused on recently completed projects made with speckled yarn.

CherryHeart’s Faded Stripes, amymiller’s Mashup, and JRoKnits’ Fuss Free Festival Shawl.

bbatting’s Tadpoles, tanyaev’s Honey, I Mowed the Marigolds, and apiluk’s Andromeda Speckle Socks.

ErinKJ’s Pixelated, LauraPNW’s Monet Sky, and audebl’s Point de blé.

I hope you enjoyed these dotted beauties! I found them by searching the terms “speckle”, “speckles”, and “speckled” in our advanced project search. It’s still a work in progress, but we also allow you to search for speckled yarns in our advanced yarn search.