We recently added a new feature to let you hide a pattern from search results. You can find it in the little drop down menu that appears for patterns in our advanced search:


On a phone the more dots symbol will bring up the menu.

You’ll always be able to see how many results are being hidden from you here. You can tick this box to show them and un-hide any patterns you want to using the same menu:

ignore patterns 2

Patterns hidden in this way will still appear in other places around Ravelry (such as the Hot Right Now box on the patterns tab and in your friends’ activity if they queue/add to faves/etc.), but you won’t see them in search results until you choose to un-hide them.

Hanna Maciejewska’s lovely Jurata pattern, shown in the photo above, is used just as an example to demonstrate the feature… we don’t think any of you will want to hide it. 😀

One more quick thing – we are testing a new navigation bar for Ravelry, and we could use your help and feedback! If “swatching” something new sounds fun to you, check out this thread on the For the Love of Ravelry board for instructions and details. Thank you!