Eye Candy: Brioche

January 31st, 2017

Recently I was looking for a way to stretch some precious handspun to make legwarmers for my daughter. After looking through Ravelry projects using 2 colors of yarn I found myself most inspired by brioche, a stitch pattern that creates a distinctive ribbed appearance. Today’s eye candy highlights some recently completed brioche projects so I can share my inspiration with you.

One thing I love about brioche is the texture, and how well it mixes with other stitch patterns. These projects really highlight that! From left: fingertips’ Dusky 1 , millefleurs’ Brio-Garter Hat, and takychik’s Crochet à la Brioche Scarf (yes, this is crochet that looks like brioche but eye candy is about beauty, not technicalities).

I also enjoy how brioche can be a fun way to play with color. These combinations all make me swoon. From left: megswd’s Ramble shawl, NapaGal’s Buttery (Crocheted) Brioche (yes, more bri-croche), and behutsam’s Pink Frost (I think this is my platonic ideal color pairing).

And of course, I always love seeing how crafters apply a technique to an entire garment. From left: kuduja’s Rips + patent nr 4, evasnitkin’s Chunky Brioche Cardi, and megy’s Counterpane.