Eye Candy: Summer is Coming

December 13th, 2016

TrulyMyrtle’s beautiful Feathers Shawl.

As the chill settles in where I live, and I find myself reaching for the nearest blanket/wool socks/cozy hat all day, it is nice to remember that on the other side of the Earth, summer is about to begin! Today I wanted to share some gorgeous projects from Australia and New Zealand that have been finished recently – Ravelers in the Southern Hemisphere may be gearing up for their warmest seasons, but we all know that doesn’t stop us yarn lovers from doing what we do, right?


Cinetto’s Christmas, knitsbakesruns Optic Blanket, and Chrissaah’s Vanishing Point all caught my eye from their thumbnails, and when I clicked to check out the project details I was even more impressed. The Optic Blanket was even made with yarn from an Australian wool company, which gave me an extra reason to include it!


Geekay’s I Need Colour!!! is aptly named and stunning! bestrickened’s Color Me In: Sepia has such lovely details – I really like how the textured stitch pattern on the body and stranded colorwork pattern on the sleeves complement each other subtly in the muted palette she used. Finally, RiotousAssembly’s Bungle in the Jungle is a showstopper of a blanket made for a very fortunate baby!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse at a few of the gorgeous things that Ravelers in Australia and New Zealand are making! If you’d like to do a bit more virtual yarn travel, check out our Hot Around the World page, which shows you patterns that Ravelers around the world are looking at now.