Weaving is one of the crafts on my someday list, and the kind that makes me most likely to start daydreaming is tablet weaving. I love the ingenuity of using cards as your loom, and it’s so easy to think of all the button bands and trims I could make. Today’s eye candy highlights some tablet weaving projects that caught my eye.

Our first trio shows how tablet weaving can be a canvas to create pictures or words. From left: MrsCollinHobbs’ Poppies, mozartnuts’s Evergreens, and breimiepjemarnel’s key cords.

The next set is tablet weavings in cool uses. From left: reanbean’s Shoelaces, woolandneedles’ Tablet Weaving – Guitar Strap with Fish Pattern, and Hemma’s Otto (a horse leash!).

And finally, some projects that are just gorgeous. From left: llunallama’s Tablet Weaving, SingingSanja’s GothicGirlyGarger, and Peregrina1’s Köper-Seidenband.

I hope you enjoyed these projects! If you find them as inspiring as I do, check out the Tablet Weaving group on Ravelry.