Tip: Four Forum Features

August 25th, 2016

Today’s tip is going to be a round up of some features you can find in our forums.

1. Unread Reply Notifications

Our forums are filled with lots of active threads, and to help you keep up with your conversations we include a notice at the top of your forums screen when you have received replies to your posts that you have not yet seen.

This is what the notification looks like. You can then click on the link with your unread reply count to get more information about those replies.

The title of the thread is a link to it, so you can go straight to the replies from there!

2. Hide/Disagree Ravatars

Ravatar is what we call your avatar on Ravelry – the little picture that appears next to your forum posts (among other places on the site). You may find that there are some Ravatars you would prefer not to look at, so you can use the hide or disagree features to do so. You’ll find the feature by entering a thread and clicking the little arrow under the ravatar.

If you select hide avatar we’ll replace it with a picture of yarn.

If you select disagree avatar we’ll replace it with the word disagree. This is great for posters who can make your blood pressure rise – a reminder for yourself to skip over their posts.

3. Customizing Your Voting Buttons

Below the posts on Ravelry are voting buttons – educational, interesting, funny, agree, disagree, and love. We like them, but if you do not want to see them you can change that on the forum settings page. You can uncheck any buttons you prefer not to see and you’re all set – no need to hit save or anything.


4. Customizing Your Main Boards

There are six main boards that every Raveler is automatically subscribed to when they join, you may see them referred to around the site as the Big Six – Ends, For the Love of Ravelry, Needlework on the Net, Patterns, Techniques, Tools, and Yarn. If you would prefer not to see these boards on your forum pages you can remove them on the forum settings page. As with the buttons, you can uncheck any boards you do not wish to see and you’re all set.

I hope these tips help you navigate the forums better and customize them in a way that makes them work for you! Thanks to soyloquesoy for suggesting this topic, if you have tip ideas we welcome them in For the Love of Ravelry.