Community Eye Candy: Socks!

July 26th, 2016

first socks
mychildrensmother’s My First Socks – she did such a great job!

Socks are such a fun, portable project for any time of year, and so far this month, Ravelers have finished over 6,000 pairs! It was truly hard to narrow down the projects to include with this post, but here are some that I was especially drawn to!

socks 1

Moogsmum’s Hexie Socks no4 are so cleverly constructed, and they must be fun to make – this is her fourth pair! vikkyzm’s Bonnie Birds are stunning showstoppers. (They inspired me to write this post when I saw them in the recently completed projects!) mainecoonmom’s
A Song of Beads & Lace TDS2016 Stage 4 are so beautifully intricate.

socks stripes

I love stripes, and these socks make great use of them! SusanBAnderson’s Smooth Operator Socks show off lots of fun colors with their allover striped pattern. I love the band of thin stripes on AndreiKnit’s Socke No 2’s – and how that tiny stripe in hot pink wraps around the whole foot! gitagric’s Squircle socks use stripes to show off the unusual contruction in this pattern.

socks colorwork

Colorwork socks are so popular and pack a punch for such a small project. Kitty93’s
(27/2016) Echoes from Karelia pair beautifully mix bands of colorwork with an accent of texture across the foot. nbgriz’s Dalarna Delight socks are so bold and cheery! I think Nasti’s Solidago pair look like the perfect socks to curl up in on an autumn day!

Well, now I want to start a pair of socks right away! Thank you to everyone for sharing their lovely projects here on Ravelry!