Today I wanted to look at pretty pictures of yarn. I loaded up the stash advanced search and started applying filters looking for inspiration. I found it in the foreign objects attribute Рthese are all yarns that are handspun with objects incorporated as part of the process. I loved the variety of approaches and found that all of them definitely counted as eye candy.

First up, some art yarns that incorporate a variety of foreign objects. What great textures these all have! doodler01’s #forestfloorsal, nabisknit’s Kraken SAL, and squiished’s Merry Gold ‘Round.

Next, some quiet beauties that prove that simple can be stunning. KristinaS’ Octarine, meliluc’s Smoothie fraise-cassis, and knitMIT’s Nectar Handpaint Superwash.

Finally, some statement pieces – these spinners went big and it paid off! chemlady’s 80s Charm Necklace Redux, spectre120’s RegenboogtruiEenhoornGlitterScheetjes, and CyberJulka’s TDF 2015 in Jenkins Woodworking Lovers Group II.

Here’s a link to the search I used. I hope you can find inspiration perusing the attributes as well!