It is easy to forget that you can favorite posts that you might want to revisit later, but with around 50,000 posts being added to Ravelry each day, there’s a lot of great information out there that you might want to find again!

To favorite a post, click the little grey heart beside the post number.

Once you favorite the post, the heart will turn pink and you can choose if you want to add notes about the post, add tags to help you better search your favorites or add it to a bundle. Adding the favorite to a bundle is optional, but it provides you with a lot of additional options. You could have a bundle of posts that you want to read again later. You might also have a bundle for a certain technique, like colorwork, and you could save patterns, projects and forum posts about colorwork all in the same bundle! You can read more about making bundles in this post.

If a post has an image in it, then the image shows in your favorites and your bundles, making it really easy to jog your memory about that post.

Shown above: Spinning Haven post by symonangel (left) and Knitting techniques post by history weaver (right)

Hope you enjoy this quick and easy way to keep track of the great things you see in the forums each day! If you aren’t already participating in our forums, you can check them out in the forums tab and find more information about them here.