Thursday Tip: Groups Tab

August 14th, 2015

Time for another tour of one of the main tabs of Ravelry! If you’ve missed the previous posts on this topic, or just want to review them, here are some handy links to learn more about the patterns tab, yarns tab, people tab, and the forums tab.

The groups section is accessible by clicking the groups tab in the main navigation or by visiting

Let’s look at the left side of the page.

you’re a member of 24 groups

This is a list of all the groups you’re a member of, listed in alphabetical order by group name. You can visit any of those groups by clicking on the icon. (The blurring is because not all group icons are homepage-friendly images.)

recently started

If you want to see the most recently created groups, check out this section. We show the 20 most recently created groups that have an icon and are not hidden from radar. You can click on the group icon or title to visit the group and see if it’s one you’d like to join! There’s also a link to browse the recently created groups, which takes you to the groups advanced search sorted by creation date.

Now, let’s check out the right side of the page.

search groups

If you want to search for a group, this search box is a great way to enter a term and go to the advanced search for groups where there are tons of sorting and filtering options. There’s also a link to browse all groups, which takes you to groups advanced search sorted by number of members.

need help finding groups?

There’s a lot of great stuff in here!

 To find groups by location, use the link here. It takes you to a special page where you can see groups near you, enter a location, or browse by country. Casey wrote a great blog post about this, which you can check out here.

 Groups can be added to categories by their administrators. The link here takes you to a page that allows you to browse those categories to find groups of interest. For more info about that I recommend this great post that Sarah wrote about it.

 Another way to find groups that may be of interest is to browse by tag. There’s a link to a special page that’s a giant tag cloud, with the option to enter a search term so you can narrow it down.

 We know that swapping is a very popular activity on Ravelry, so near this icon you can find a link to a list of swap groups.

 Another popular Ravelry activity that has spawned many groups is -alongs  – KAL and CAL events where people make the same pattern together. We have handy links to search for these groups – check out this blog post of Sarah’s to learn more!

 Maybe you’ve browsed the existing groups and haven’t found the one for you – there’s also the option to create a new group! You can use the link to create your new group and start your own corner on Ravelry.

looking for events?

We close the groups page with links to find events. You can go straight to local events, or you can go to the advanced search for events where you can enter search terms as well as sort and filter.

That wraps up the groups section of Ravelry. I hope you’re enjoying learning all our nooks and crannies!