Community Eye Candy: Blue

July 14th, 2015

Color coordinated eye candy posts give me a tickle, so today we’re going to look at blue projects completed this month.

First up, some lace. Clockwise from top left: mustaavillaa’s Winding Way, tainarauma’s Haruni, Minskuli’s From A Distance – TdS2015-4, and DashPointGirl’s Blue Ocean.

Next, some baby-themed projects! Clockwise from top left: LitlaSkvis’ Clara, undone57’s monsters 2.0, AliceInDilbrtlnd’s Balloon Tying Creations-Elephant, and arosa55’s Menta.

Lastly, some gorgeous blue sweaters! From left: hana2’s Vasa, knittingonlap’s Etch Summer Sweater, and Franchement’s Byeline!

If you can’t get enough color-themed eye candy check out our past posts – red, orange, yellow, green the first, and green the second. Oh, and rainbows!