Thursday Tip: People Tab

July 2nd, 2015

Hi! In today’s tip I’m going to continue my tour of the navigation tabs. So far I’ve covered the patterns tab and the yarns tab and today I’ll cover the people tab.

You can get to the people section by clicking on that tab at the top of your screen or by visiting Let’s start on the left side of the page.

new kids

This is where you can see the 10 most recent new Ravelers with avatars. The link at the top will take you to an advanced search for people and will include users without avatars. In June we had almost 60,000 new accounts created, so this list is changing fast!

Next, let’s look at the right side of the page!

people search

Use the people search to find people on Ravelry. We’ll search by username, first name, website, location and designer name to find you matches – so it’s a great way to locate local knitter or follow up on a favorite blogger. Below that are a few more links to find people:

  • advanced search takes you straight to the search for people with lots of filters available to narrow down your query
  • Happy Birthdays! is a list of Ravelers with a birthday today (based on the info they entered in their profiles)! You can find birthday buddies or wish a stranger a happy day :)
  • View groups by country takes you to a page to find local groups. You can search for groups by location, find groups near you, or browse groups by country.

friends activity

This shows 4 recent entries from your friends activity – this view only shows new pictures of projects or handspun, so it’s a great peek at what your friends have been creating. You can click the link to see all your friends activity.

a random assortment of favorites

Projects that have been favorited and have a picture can appear here. We pick 9 at random each time you load the page so a page refresh will reveal more surprises. The links at the top will allow you to browse more projects that have been favorited, or check out ughs – projects that have been marked with the lowest happiness rating by their owners.

And finally, let’s see what’s at the bottom of the people tab.

shows us your FOs!

Want to see the most recently finished projects with photos? Look no further! We also have a few handy links in this section:

your neighbors

This section shows you Ravelers who have similar patterns in their projects, queue, and favorites. Clicking on the username takes you to a page where you can see your versions of the same pattern next to each other.

And that’s a wrap on the people tab. The rest of the navigation tabs will be featured here in the coming months so check back if you find these helpful!