Last week, Casey wrote about our new Bundles feature that allows you to group and organize your Ravelry favorites. Please check out his post for an intro to Bundles, if you haven’t done so already! The majority of Ravelers (including me!) don’t use many tags in favorites, and the option to organize your favorites into bundles makes it easier than ever to sort and find those cool patterns, projects, yarns, stashed items and more later. Anything you can add to your favorites on Ravelry can be added to a bundle – and you can even make a bundle that combines all kinds of different faves. Want to bundle up patterns, stashed yarns, projects, and forum posts all together? You can!

For today’s tip, we wanted to share some inspiration to help get you thinking about different types of bundles you might want to create.

category theme

Organize patterns and projects by category or theme

Since we began swatching the bundles feature I’ve just loved grouping patterns and projects all together by categories and themes. When I want to look for colorwork inspiration or check out my favorite vests, tunics, or things made with bulky yarns, I have them all organized and visible together in easy-to-find bundles.


Crafty inspiration and eye candy!

If you’d like to easily refer to beautiful pictures of gorgeous handspun, incredible woven projects, jaw-dropping lace, or really any other grouping of things you can think of – bundle them!

pets in knits

Projects that make you smile.

I made bundles for Pets in Knits and Great Big Stuffies for the simple reason that they make me smile! Any feature that makes pictures of chickens in sweaters easier to find again is a winner with me!

rhinebeck shopping list

Shopping or wish lists

Christina has a handy bundle for her Rhinebeck shopping list. Since she can bundle up fiber, patterns, and yarns all in one bundle, it’s a great way to collect her wishlist in one place. She can also add notes to her bundled items, to make sure she won’t forget the notions, hooks, or needles she needs!

doctor who

Fandom bundles!

So far there are about 50 Doctor Who bundles – the largest of which is by DWImpossibleGirl (we used her bundle for the picture above!). There are also 30 Game of Thrones, 21 Harry Potter, and 7 Outlander themed bundles. What a fun way to gather patterns and projects (or even special yarn colorways!) related to a show or subculture you love!

Helpful pattern notes

Raveler Nhewyt made a bundle of projects that have helpful notes – what a great idea!

Bundles upon bundles

You can even bundle other bundles! If you see a collection that another Raveler has made that you’d like to easily find again, you can add it to your favorites and make a Bundles Bundle from there.

You might be wondering: how can I find more cool bundles that other Ravelers have created? We don’t know yet… but that was sort of the whole idea. Stay tuned – there are already about 55,000 user-created bundles and we definitely want to make a way to explore them!