From the understated to the blingy, today’s post is about recently completed jewelry.

First up, the sparkly. lesleybridgewater’s crochet chain link necklace, Ingazzz’s Häkelkette, and meliciap’s Silver Viking Knit Bracelet.

Next, the beaded! Ourlolie’s Knitted Braids Necklace, krystalline’s Ribband the Third, and xwordphile’s Bunch Bands.

Finally, the understated (clockwise from left). colette-gabriela’s springtime necklace, Zonneke’s Cousines, MiscNich’s Cable Braided Necklace, and Kattarina’s BabyFun necklace “Amélia”.

PS I know that technically there are no rings in this post, but Beyonce doesn’t have a catchy chorus about necklaces and bracelets.