If you’re a moderator of any groups on Ravelry, then today’s tip is for you – we’re going to talk about some recent improvements to the reports section.

Reports are the way that Ravelry moderators can speak privately about flagged posts in their groups. When someone flags a post, a new report is created and there the moderators can view the post and add comments that only they can see. They’re helpful for handling inappropriate postings, and for planning fun surprises for group members! Now that you know a little about them, let’s talk about what’s new!

When you’re adding a comment, below it you’ll see a new checkbox to mark a comment as urgent. Reports can be chatty, so this is a great way to mark those posts that are really important to notify your fellow moderators about.

Visit your forums settings page, and if you’re a moderator you’ll see a new section called moderator settings. These settings add a new level of control to the messages you receive about reports in your group. ¬†For each group you moderate, you can turn on or off private messages for:

  1. Each newly flagged post in your group.
  2. Each comment on a report by a fellow moderator.
  3. Each urgent comment on a report by a fellow moderator.

What make a comment urgent? That’s up to your and your fellow mods! Our big 6 moderators use “Notify me of urgent comments” as a sort of vacation mode – they can step away for a few days and come back to a PM box that’s just the important stuff to catch up on.

The last improvement to the reports section is that just like in the¬†forums we keep track of unread comments. Now it’s easy to see at a glance on the reports index which ones have new comments and which you’re all caught up on. And, just like the forums, we’ll bring you straight to the newest comment, which is handy in long discussions!

Thank you to all our moderators for volunteering to help out a Ravelry group; we hope these improvements make your job easier!