project no patterns search

One of my favorite types of Advanced Searches to browse is a search for projects made without patterns. As someone who usually improvises or writes my own patterns, I just love looking through the pages of creative projects I might not have seen if I only looked at project tabs on pattern pages in the database!

project category selector

This week, we made an improvement to your project pages for projects you made without a pattern: we added a category selector, so you can select a category for them! Just click to edit your project and, if it’s not connected to a pattern on Ravelry, you’ll see a “pattern category” drop-down option just underneath the craft and tags fields. These are the same categories we use for patterns on Ravelry, so many of you will be familiar with the options already.

As more Ravelers fill this information in, we’ll be able to use the category filters on the projects-made-without-a-pattern advanced search, as well as see these projects included when we’re browsing for all projects in a particular category with the project search. I’m already looking forward to going down the rabbit hole of beautiful sweaters, blankets, socks, etc. that you all have made that aren’t connected to any patterns in the database.