project photos

Adding photos to your Ravelry project pages can help you keep a beautiful visual record of your crafts, as well as help Ravelry as a whole by providing helpful pictures for patterns and yarns. Browsing Ravelry projects is a guaranteed way to find yarny inspiration, thanks to the wonderful photos contributed by this community!

Today, I’m going to show you how to add photos to your project from the photos tab on your project’s Ravelry page on your computer or mobile device. (We’ll cover uploading from the Ravelry Mobile Site in a future tip someday!) Let’s get started!

On your Ravelry project pages, the photos tab in the upper right gives you four options for uploading your photos: flickr, photobucket, slurp from web, and upload from computer (or Android/iPad/iphone/Windows phone if you are on a mobile device), all of which are free on all your project and stash pages.

upload from your computer (or Android/iPad/iPhone)

Our default photo adding option is easy and fast – it even allows you to upload multiple images at a time, right from your computer, Android, iPad, or iPhone!

upload from computer

Select the “upload from…” tab on the photos tab of your project. (I’m uploading from a computer here, but if you’re on an Android, iPad, or iPhone, you’ll see that device name shown.) Click on the “choose files” button and then browse to find your photos. You can select multiple images to upload all at once.

reorder photos

After selecting your photos, click on “upload” and you’ll see a progress bar that tells you how far along you are in the upload process. Once the photos are uploaded to Ravelry, we resize them for you and add them to your project. You can reorder your photos on your project if you want, and adjust the thumbnails.


flickr upload

If you like to use flickr, this is a great and simple option for you! On the flickr tab at the bottom of your photos tab, link your flickr account (we’ll remember you if you’re already linked). You can search for all public photos in your stream, specific sets, or tags. Once you see the photos you’d like to use, just drag them up into the light grey photo space, adjust the thumbnails with the green arrows, and drag to rearrange in the order you’d like.

flickr on project page

On your project page, we’ll show your username and a link to the photo on flickr underneath each picture.


Photobucket works much the same as flickr. On the photobucket tab at the bottom of your project’s photos tab, enter your photobucket username. (As with flickr, we’ll remember you for future photo uploads.) Select the album from which you’d like to upload photos (they must be public) and click the search photos button. Once your photos are displayed you can click on them and we’ll upload and resize; from there you can adjust the thumbnails and drag to rearrange.

slurp from web

slurp from web

This option will allow you to import photos from other websites (as with all the other options, this is, of course, to be used only for photos to which you have the rights). We do links to more detailed help guides about this option right on the “slurp from web” tab so you can see exactly how to get the URL from specific websites.

slurp from web

Here, I want to use a photo on my blog. Right-click/command-click on the image and choose “copy image url” or “copy image location.” Back on your Ravelry projects’ photos tab, paste the link to the image in the slurp from web box and click “slurp it!” We’ll upload and resize the image and you’ll then be able to drag it into the right order and adjust the thumbnail.

Have fun adding photos!

This is the third post in our Intro to Project Pages series! If you’d like a refresher, you can check out the previous Tips in this series: Project Page Overview and Adding a Project.