Community Eye Candy: Yellow!

August 19th, 2014

Some days I know exactly what my eye candy will be, and others I find myself paging through project search for inspiration. ┬áToday my eyes kept being drawn to yellow projects, so that’s what I have for you.

For the littles we have: noturgma‘s Lillie Baby Cardigan Matching Hat, sarindr‘s shell dress, and Dutchrosa‘s Emu pram suit pants & cardigan

And for grown-ups we have: snuzy‘s Indian Summer, SiO2‘s SpliTTop – Mustard, perlatora‘s Banana in the Fig Tree, and Golubka‘s Gingko.

Once I knew I wanted to focus on yellow finished objects, it was easy to find projects for today’s eye candy by using the Color Family filter in the advanced search and selecting all the shades of yellow. ┬áThe projects above feature a single shade of yellow, but for some gorgeous colorwork here’s a bonus link to projects that feature multiple shades of yellow.