Thursday Tip: Coupon Codes

July 31st, 2014

I often get emails about how you can find a coupon code or a discount when purchasing a pattern. I also get asked how to use the coupon codes that people discover, so I thought I’d share a bit with you about those in today’s Thursday Tip!

Coupon codes are set up by individual designers or publishers who have their patterns available as Ravelry downloads. The designer who sets it up can make it apply to all of their patterns or only specific patterns. They will usually specify what it works for in any advertisement of the coupon code. There aren’t Ravelry-wide coupon codes at this time, so they will only work for the designs specified for the promotion.

Designers decide how to distribute their coupon codes and will often mention them in their Ravelry groups, an email to their subscribers or other places online like twitter, Facebook or their blogs. Sometimes, the coupon codes will be listed on the pattern page in Ravelry. They may also send you a coupon code directly that is a one time use code just for you.

So, once you have a coupon code, how do you use it?

Step One: If the code requires you to add more than one pattern, go to each pattern page and click “add to cart”.
add to cart

If the code requires you to only buy one pattern, click “buy it now”.

Step Two: A cart window will come up when you click either “add to cart” or “buy now”. Toward the bottom right of the window you will see “use a coupon code” next to the “check out now” button. Click on that before checking out.
use coupon code

Step Three: Add the Coupon Code and click “apply”.

Then, you will see the discount noted there in your cart. Here’s an example of what that looks like.

As long as the discount is applied there, you know that the coupon code has worked and is still active, and you can click to check out. I hope this helps you to use the great coupon codes that designers and publishers on Ravelry make available!