Did you know that we have a special page on which you can see a history of the patterns you’ve viewed? If you’ve ever looked at a pattern you admired but forgot to add it to your favorites or queue, and then wished to quickly find it again soon after, here’s how!

On the main patterns tab, look just under the red hot right now box on the left. If you’ve looked at any patterns on Ravelry recently, you’ll see a little you’ve looked at… section with little thumbnails of your three most recently viewed patterns. Here are mine:

you've looked at

(You won’t see this section if you haven’t looked at patterns recently, so if you see the recently added patterns section under the hot right now box, just click on any pattern to add something to your history so that you can try this out!)

Clicking on the your history page link (shown in the screenshot above) will take you to your pattern viewing history page. From here, you can scroll through your most recently viewed patterns. You can delete patterns right from this page with the delete buttons, and even search your history from the search field at the top to help you find what you are looking for.

pattern history search and delete

You’re the only person who can see your pattern viewing history – this information is private to you, and only accessible to you when you are logged in to your account. We don’t store your pattern viewing history permanently, so if you take a little break from Ravelry or don’t look at patterns for a while, your list will go away. Luckily, there are no shortage of gorgeous patterns to look at here on Ravelry, so you can fill it up again in no time!