I really love bunting.  It is such fun, crafty decor!  This week I want to highlight some bunting that caught my eye.

First up, some floral flags.  From left to right: hddod‘s Flower garland, Meredith0908‘s Half Lotus Bunting, and Claire-clutterbug‘s Daisy Chains.

Next, I love these bundles with names and words. Clockwise from top: shopaholiccat‘s playhouse bunting, -amanda75-‘s Van Bunting, and sandpipersA Room of His Own.

Finally, some patriotic bunting from around the world. Clockwise from left: aahhh‘s Jubilee Bunting, koleslaw12‘s Star Spangled Banner, and Zoomsnoren‘s Flagranke.

I hope you enjoy these fantastic flags as much as I do!