Sarah talked last week about finding yarn substitution ideas for a pattern you’re excited about.  Today, I want to talk about one of the ways you can go the opposite direction – find a pattern when you have a skein you’re in love with.

At the top of any yarn page is a tab called “projects” where you can see all the projects made with that yarn.  I love this for using other Raveler’s projects as inspiration.  (Here’s an example.)

Right on this page you can filter these projects based on how other Raveler’s have rated them, the craft used, and lots more!

On the other side of the page are a series of buttons.  Advanced search allows you to look at the projects made in this yarn with even more filtering options!  The paired buttons control the look of the projects – the card view includes notes whereas the large is all photo eye candy.  Both views highlight the pattern used for the project, so you can be gathering ideas for what you’ll make with your special skein.

This is just one way to find patterns to match a yarn.  In future weeks we’ll show you some other ways to get ideas for the skeins in your stash (or soon to be there).