Nerd Wars is an ongoing competition where teams from different parts of nerddom compete for points by proposing and completing projects in different challenges. Each Nerd Wars tournament offers a number of themed challenges that are 1 month long plus a 3 month “dissertation” project.

Nerd Wars Tournament 10 just ended a few days ago, so now is a perfect time to show a few of the thousands of challenge projects that were completed in April.

I’ve included some “nerd wars” links that will bring you to each creator’s (very cool!) proposal. Read those posts to get a feeling for what Nerd Wars is all about.

Above: millicurie’s I Want to Believe (nerd wars), LadyKatka’s Hagrid Illusion, and drdomestiKated’s 10 toward ∞ (nerd wars). Happy anniversary drdomestiKated!

Above: WonderWhyGal’s Where the Lilacs Bloom, baroquepurls’ Shocking orange shawl (nerd wars) and AlterLace’s Hedgehog Clutch (nerd wars).

Above: roben’s Robin! Girl Wonder! (nerd wars), PixelBamf’s Pillage Before You Burn!, and winemakerssister’s One Does Not Simply…. (nerd wars)