Thursday Tip: Sort Your Searches

November 21st, 2013

So you’ve found the advanced pattern search, run a search, and gotten results.  Awesome!  Now how do you sort through them all to zero in on what you want?  Our search sort options can help with that.  They’re available right next to the search box, and this post will walk you through what each of the search options means.

Best Match – This is based on your search terms, plus several of the sort options below (Hot Right Now, Most Popular, and Recently Published).

Hot Right Now – This is ranking based on page views, it really is what people are looking at right now.

Name – An alphabetical sort by pattern name.

Most popular – A formula based on number of finished objects and member ratings.

Most projects – Patterns with the most finished objects come first.

Most favorites – Patterns with the most favorites come first.

Most queued – Patterns in the most queues come first.

Recently published – Date the pattern was published.

Recently added – Date the pattern was added to Ravelry.

Rating – User ratings of the pattern, taking into account the number of ratings made.

Difficulty – User ratings of difficulty, taking into account the number of difficulty ratings made.

Yarn required – The average amount of yardage needed for the project, from least to most. Phew, that’s a lot of info, but hopefully it will help you to get to the search results you’re after.  Happy searching!