Ravelry’s main boards and group forums are such an incredible resource if you have a question about patterns, yarns, or just about anything fiber-related. (Or Doctor Who-related, or food-related, or parenting-related… you all are wise in so many ways!) When it comes to questions about patterns and yarns, we have a new feature that will allow you to note that your forum post contains a question about a specific pattern or yarn. This feature also lets you find other users who could use your help!

asking a question?

Want to ask a question?

To use this feature, just start a forum thread (this will work on any forums, whether in our main boards or groups) and type out your forum post as you normally would, being sure to link the pattern or yarn you have the question about. Any type of link will work, even just pasting the Ravelry pattern page URL into your post. When you click the “start topic” button, you’ll see a box appear as pictured above, that asks if you have a question about the yarn and/or pattern that you magic linked. Check the box for the item you have a question about – in my case, I was only wondering about the pattern, not the yarn, so that’s the box I checked.

Now your post will be marked as a question and a special lifesaver symbol will appear for any Ravelry users who have made the pattern you linked (or used the yarn you linked if you marked that as subject of your question).

life perserver

Want to help by answering a question?

If you see that symbol above in a forum thread, it means you may be able to help a Raveler with a question, because you have used the pattern or yarn they are wondering about! The post with a question will be clearly marked as such and easy for you to find:

question post

Ravelry might just have the most helpful users on the internet, and we know that many of you will be excited about this new way to connect with other users. We hope to continue to develop this feature and use it to improve other things (like linked discussion threads on pattern pages), but for now the indicator is a new way to easily mark your posts as a question and also see when you might be able to help a fellow Raveler.