Maybe it’s because I live in a place with particularly hot summers (and my house isn’t air conditioned), but I think it takes a special kind of crafting dedication to even think about working on a blanket throughout the summer! The reward – a cozy, completed blanket, ready just in time for crisp autumn days – is well worth it though, and I tip my hat to these Ravelers, all of whom started the beautiful blankets you see below earlier this summer, and finished them in the past week:

summer blankets 1

From left to right above, we have shazzeth‘s Owls Blanket (the eyes!! So cute), laprente‘s 7 Dwarfs Throw, and MissRain‘s Stained Glass Stars and Flowers.

summer blankets 2

Here, from left to right, are Lucybeth‘s Debbie Abraham’s Mystery Blanket 2011, electric-mama‘s Moorish Mosaic Afghan, and EmilyofMoon‘s Hue Shift Afghan.

Well done, crafters! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work! To see more recently finished blanket projects, check out this advanced project search for blanket, sorted by “recently completed.”