Community Eye Candy

November 9th, 2016

Above: biene3108’s Lemmy, Mitt’s Fox and babsip’s Harvest Greetings .

Above: BilaKnits’ Coat for Roxane – test, ellalc’s gamaldags, and Majonka’s Slippery Slope Socks.

Tip: People Also Like

October 28th, 2016

Some of you might have noticed the “People who like this pattern also liked…” link that appears on pattern pages. This can be a fun thing to browse, so I added it to pattern search as well.

From a search result, you can jump into related patterns (based on projects, queues, favorites, all of that). This option is available on any pattern that has more than 5 projects. It isn’t in the mobile pattern search yet.

If you have not noticed the “People who liked…” link on individual pattern pages, it’s tucked away at the bottom of the sidebar here:

This week’s Ravelers created something new by mixing existing patterns with their own imagination.

A-Ko-Cloudartowl’s СОВЫ НЕЖНЫЕ used Owl Pullover and Owl In A Row Scarf.

noozeecow turned Crazed Scandinavian Cowl into some Crazed Scandinavian pants.

PinkLemons’ Blair Road was inspired by Peranakan tiles in Singapore.

AlixPearson’s Knowing Me, Knowing You incorporates Fair Isle Vest and Fleur.

Sofiedots’ Totoro på røven are Totoro machine knit Monster Pants.

DreamsinCrochet created Saffron’s Shawl from Firefly.

imawale’s Démasquées are Damask Mitten socks.

sylviep63’s Gautier’s Ziggurat incorporates Simple Ziggurat

cathyhs used Baa-ble Hat and Baby Sophisticate to create her Sophisti-Sheep cardigan.

(If you liked this, I put together 2 other sets of Remixed projects in 2014 and 2015)

I love that designers are always rearranging and updating the featured projects on their pattern pages. Every month, pages dating all the way back to 2007 are freshened up with photos of newly completed projects. I thought it would be nice to showcase some of the projects that have been selected by the designers of their respective patterns and featured on those pattern pages.

Above: undone57’s Prism, JimiKnits’ Picacho Peak, and Kaffee-Tante’s Wolfgangsee.

knotsewcute’s Mostly Harmless, Patrick-Zein’s Mittens in Korsnäs style, and FroskeMari’s Loppa.

lv2knit’s OMG (Oh, Mother Goose!), SariMor’s Crofthoose Hat, and
amiijjang’s …a hint of summer.

Designers: you’ve probably already seen and tried this, but if you zoom in on any project photo you will see a link that says “ send photo request: add as a featured photo”. Click this link and we will send a message to the project’s creator. If they accept, the photo will be added and you will receive a confirmation.

Most of us spend a lot of time looking at the “projects” tab on pattern pages. I call this area the “project gallery” and by default, it displays a set of cards that look like this:

Here are a few ways that you can use this section to find what you are looking for.

See the the same information with larger photos

Click the icon on the right hand side to switch to “tall projects” view. The result will look like this:

See all of the photos for a project without leaving the page

Click the icon on the right hand side to switch to “photos” view. This will show a grid of project photos with minimal information. If you click the photos link, it will load all of the photos from that project into the current page:

Too many projects to look at?

If you aren’t looking for projects made in a specific yarn, here are a few other ways that you can narrow down the list of projects:

  • Under “Filter these projects”, choose “All favorited projects” or “All helpful projects”
  • Under “Filter these projects”, choose “Made by friends” or “Made by group members”
  • The projects on this tab are sorted from newest to oldest. You can try different sorts (like “most favorites first”) if you click through to “advanced search”.

Summarize the yarn weight and yardage that people have used

If you click “advanced search”, the sidebar will provide you with totals:

What does “search inside projects” search for?

You can use the search box to find matching text in the project name, username, project notes, yarn names, colorway names and size made.

You can match an exact phrase (like a yarn name) by putting it in “quotes” and you can exclude projects that match a phrase by using a minus sign before the term like this -“unwanted phrase”.


Community Eye Candy

August 17th, 2016

This week, many of the projects that caught my attention were in the “Home” category.

Above: Rutast’s Boxes for Something, kadootje’s it needs no water!, and fluffandfuzz’s Cottage Tablet Case

babaruda’s Mandala madness Joy, Chippyrabbit’s Cabled Deer Head, and PiggyWiggy96’s Pond Lily Tea Cloth (this is 33 inches x 37 inches).

Lizbuppers’ Broken twill towels, DrFun’s Giant Donut Floor Pouf, and yarn-vs-zombies’ Magikarp Go!. The last one is really a hat, but I had to include a Pokémon and it looks pretty good even when it isn’t stuffed with a human head.

We know that older patterns don’t get a lot of love, but as I was putting together this post I was surprised to find that out of the 600,000 projects completed in 2016 so far, fewer than 3000 are known to be based on patterns from 1990 and earlier. There are more out there that we don’t know about because we don’t have publication dates for every single book and magazine in Ravelry. That is something that I think we can improve.

These Ravelers dug into patterns from days past and found inspiration there:




Apologies if you fall for one of the out of print designs! About half are no longer in print. If you look, you’ll find that some of the out of print magazines and pamphlets are available on eBay, used on Amazon, and elsewhere.

PS – if you have knit or crocheted an older pattern and would like to help with dates: please click from the pattern page to the source (book, magazine, pamphlet) and see if we have a publication date listed there under the photo. If not, you can click the pencil icon at the top of the screen to contribute a date. Thanks!

When we set out to create Ravelry in 2007, we felt that all of the project information and photos that was being shared on blogs (and in other places) desperately needed to be connected together so that it could be discovered. Almost 10 years later, the way that we spend time on the internet has changed a lot but that connection is still what we are all about.

We only exist because you take the time to add your projects and post notes and photos that help and inspire others. In the last month, 300,000 projects were updated and 440,000 project photos were added. Thank you all for sharing what you’ve made and what you’ve learned! Here are a few of the many helpful projects that were finished last month.

symonangel’s mottainai, bestrickend’s Reis : Orient Express, and Karinita0607’s Breathing Space MadMay.

Spooky789’s Darlene’s Virus Poncho, Strokkur’s The meadow, and Tammina’s Linientreu.

YarnandFloss’ On the Seafront, Bambergerin’s Split Back Tank, and knittybaker’s MadMay16: c a r p i n o.

Community Eye Candy: Firsts

April 27th, 2016

It’s always fun to see projects that are exciting firsts, where the maker is learning or doing something that they haven’t done before.

knittily’s first mosaic knitting, addiesma’s Dude, it’s my first steek! and crochet-hello’s first crocheted garment.

shinedivine’s first grown up socks, slemmon48’s first weaving project, and Melusinchen’s first colorwork sweater using her own gradient handspun.

thefawnknits’ first brioche, LuSaMama’s first project from her own flock! and sparklink02’s boyfriend’s first knitting project.

[cheers and applause for all!]

Community Eye Candy: Belgium

March 30th, 2016

This week I’d like to show you some projects made by Ravelers in Belgium

Above: Raccroc’s Comme un air de printemps, Febr12’s Flaum, and stitchnerd’s Muted and bright

aline5too’s Men’s Tracks in a field, Riversch’s Shark-a-Jack, and fanalaine’s Scallops Stärke 6

bealana’s Tunika, DominiqueBe’s Neige sur les bruyères (made for a friend), and ChristalLittleK’s Nid pour ratous

Love to everyone in Brussels and all across Belgium!