Eye Candy: Under the Sea

July 12th, 2018

When looking at recent projects, I was so enamored with the many ocean themed toys I found so I decided I would share a few with you today. I couldn’t narrow it down to just one Octopus, so I picked three. Clockwise from the top left: Opie the Mini Octopus by pramenka, Octavia the Octopus by SteepingTStitches and Othello the Octopus by alpacahotep

I loved the detail on the squid, and found the mermaid and seal to be too cute! From left to right: Creature from the Deep by strivedesigns, Ragdoll Mermaid by Antina5 and Olivia the Seal by ZenonDeBrujas

These guys were just so cute I couldn’t stand it. I want them all to live at my house. From left to right: Stella the Sea Turtle by SabrinaKapalina, Kawaii Jelly by stitchbyfay and Little Bitty Narwhal by extraterrestrial

I continue to be so impressed with what we can create with yarn! These animals all seem to have so much personality. I hope they made you smile today.

Eye Candy: Building Blocks

June 13th, 2018

SteppingAway’s Do It Again

One thing I love about working with yarn is that you can start with something fairly simple, like a square, and through the use of pattern and color, you can join squares together into something amazing. Today I wanted to feature some projects using blocks that caught my eye.

From left to right: tsetse’s Granny Square, Granny Square, belqut70’s Stained Glass Window – St Louis Version and annekemie’s Tropitile CAL

On the left, Shiney300’s Bohemian Oasis Blanket and on the right, marthamckenzie’s Sediment Scraps Blanket

With the summer temperatures rising here, it can be hard to work on a large project, so I plan to start a project made of small squares soon. I hope you can find some inspiration for a similar project in the great ones featured here. Thanks to all of you who post your projects in Ravelry and inspire us daily!

I love the beach! I love the colors of the water and the sunsets, the smell of the salty air and the feel of the sand between my toes. Most of my beach time happens in the summer, so with summer upon us here in Texas, I thought I would feature some projects that reminded me of the beach.

First off, projects that would be great for wearing to the beach. From left to right: keltronica’s Goblin-Cleaver, miastick’s Edie 2 and Annetta13513’s Summer Vibes.

I also found these projects with colors that reminded me of the beach. From left to right: GeorgiaRain’s Hue Shift Afghan Soft Colorway, Ssteinkwller’s Like Watercolors in the Rain and catsandcrochet09’s Beautiful Shells Baby Blanket.

Wherever you are today, I hope this post brought some beach to you. I can’t wait to pack my works in progress and hit the beach this summer!

It’s May the 4th so it seemed fitting to feature projects inspired by Star Wars today. I could look at these projects all day, they are so much fun!

There are a lot of great colorwork projects with this theme, but here are a few I loved. From left to right: squidnunc’s The Dark Side Christmas stockings, kakakrokodil’s Nerd Scarf and Cannafan’s Star Wars Pillow House Warming

I now want to make ALL the Star Wars characters, but especially Porg. These guys are so cute: ajterrill’s Porg (Star Wars), maleficent’s Teeny Wicket and Marhega’s Chewbacca

Finally, here are a few other projects that caught my eye: SRusa’s BB8 baby blanket, Kippy’s Padme shawl (inspired by Padme’s white wrap) and rebelle467’s Porg Hat

I love checking out fan art and Ravelry is full of it! You can search for many of your favorite movies or tv shows and someone has made something inspired by it. Give it a try in the project search! May the 4th be with you!

— Sarah

Eye Candy: Pillow Fight!

April 13th, 2018

My kids have a pillow fight every night before bed. Let’s just say it’s not great for winding down. I have been itching to make pillows for a while now, some they won’t be allowed to fight with, so I turned to recently completed projects for inspiration.

These are so pretty and I love how the photos place me right in the homes where these pillows live. From left to right: d a h l i a by thisladyloves, Our life paths intersect by elita1111 and something pretty by Britbaker

I love the patterning on these pillows: mycrochetprojects Dove square pillow, Plaid pattern cushion cover by JimiKnits and Folk pillow cover – Heather by AussieHeather

I couldn’t resist the whimsy in these cushions: Cloud Pillow by KnitterMama1, Bliss the Bird Pillow by ShieldGirl77 and Donut Pillow by jamiepilar

I hope you enjoyed these fun pillows and that they inspire you to make some, too!

Eye Candy: Green for Spring

March 5th, 2018

Things are greening up here in Texas, which means spring is coming. I know in other parts of the world, there is snow on the ground with more to come. I thought maybe a little green in eye candy would allow me to send some of my spring to those of you in places where it feels like spring may never come.

First off, a pair of lovely green sweaters. On the left we have Mimiglace’s Liébana and on the right is akustrikk’s Setesdalskofte med rundfelling.

Next, I loved these bright and cheery projects. From left to right: kroete07’s Frühlingskranz, jane10021’s baby blanket daisy and Cinderella’s Larval Butt.

Finally, these whimsical projects made me smile. Nicolajl’s TOFT Winford the Green Basilisk is on the left and DitzyMermaid’s Quick & Easy Cacti is on the right.

I hope these pretty green projects brightened your day!

Tip: Project Search

February 9th, 2018

I often base my tips posts on emails that I get from Ravelers. I get emails periodically from people saying they can’t find their project in a search. Most of the time, they can’t find it because they don’t know how to get to the project search and are searching in the pattern search instead. So, today I thought I’d share two easy ways to access the project search with you.

The first way to access the project search is to use the “quick search” option on the Ravelry front page. Enter the name of the project you might be searching for and then use the drop down to choose projects. This is best to use if you are searching for something specific.

A second easy way to access the project search is to use the magnifying glass tab. To search only for projects, click the magnifying glass tab…

then click “projects”.

On that page, you can use a variety of search attributes to browse through projects. It can be really fun to look at all of the recently projects in a specific category, like hats for example. I find that I am always inspired by what other Ravelers are making when I go through the project search.

I hope this helps you to find the projects that you are looking for and maybe some inspiration, as well.

Eye Candy: Spin me right round

December 12th, 2017

I love seeing projects made with handspun. I’ve got a bunch of handspun waiting for a project, so I have been checking out handspun projects to get some ideas. Here are a few that stood out to me.

This first set of projects feature some of my favorite colors. From left to right: BearandPants’ Aphrodite + Fauna, ModernKnitress’ Millefiori Bones and stelladelsud’s 2017 Webschal Marilena.

I was really drawn to the stripes and bright colors in these projects. From left to right: pallasathena23’s EliJacke, alissou’s Operation piers de Licorne and StarKnits’ Epic Mashup Sweater.

I love how Ravelry connects everything. If you look at the project pages linked above, you can click on the yarn and then go from there to get information about the fiber used to create the yarn. It’s really fun to see the progression from fiber to finished project this way. If you want to check out even more handspun projects, you can use the project search for handspun. Thanks to all of the spinners who add each aspect of their project for the inspiration!

Eye Candy: This is Halloween

November 2nd, 2017

My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing how creative everyone gets and how they put their crafty skills to good use making awesome costumes and decorations! We thought we would share a few examples with you today.

First off, some really great costumes! From left to right, we have annaleah5’s Red Riding Hood, sgrbear724’s Bo Peep’s Lost Sheep Costume and kat0231’s wear the wild things are.

There were also some outstanding decorations made by Ravelers for Halloween this year. From left to right: imzadi481’s Winne Halloween Wreath, litevirkning’s Halloween doily and MissCookie’s Frankenmonster MKAL 2017.

We hope you had a fun Halloween and that this gives you a few ideas to bookmark for next year!

Eye Candy: Hats!

October 18th, 2017

I’m in the final stretch of knitting a sweater and I’m promising myself that from now on I will only make accessories. It’s a great sweater, but after a long work in progress, I’ll be happy to have some that go a little more quickly coming up. So, I started looking at hats! I thought I’d share a few that caught my eye.

I love the use of color in these hats. The one on the left is Barley Hat by outiku and the one on the right is My Muckle Toque by 33blaann.

The texture used in these four really stood out to me. Clockwise from top left we have Cables in a Cinch by playathome, Riley Hat 2 by karenhunter13, Antler Hat by themoonmuse and Bray Cap by hobbybird.

Finally, I couldn’t resist sharing these fun hats! On the left is khookcreations’ Ewok Inspired Hood and ldyer1’s Zombie hat.

A hat is a quick project and can often be made with yarn you already have in your stash! I hope these projects inspired you to add another hat to your queue!