Eye Candy: Hats in the Snow

January 24th, 2018

hats in the snow cover

nathansmom2’s Dude Hat & Scarf Set

So far this year, hats have been the most popular project on Ravelry. It makes sense – with most of our users in the Northern hemisphere trying to stay warm through polar vortexes and “bomb cyclones” (or just regular winter weather), a hat makes a quick, practical, and fun project that you can use right away. Here are just a few of the hat projects that Ravelers have completed this month – already doing a great job keeping their owners warm in the snow!

hats in the snow 1

Above: Jurga’s skiing time again, deetara’s Intervolve Cable Hat, and Kim’s Sock Monkey Lineate.

hats in the snow 2

Here we have: h-e-l-i’s Kapu, Reill’s Tangled River, and tiekaa’s Pretty Wild.

hats in the snow 3

Finally, here are hansupo’s Brackett, essiiij’s Jääkarhupipo, and misstinkett’s Warm Knots.

You can check out more recently completed hat projects in our project search – there are loads of great projects to page through!

I do a lot of my Raveling on my computer, but as our mobile site has continued to improve I’ve been using my phone more and more. So are many of you – about 25% of Ravelry use happens on mobile devices. Those of you who use Ravelry on your mobile device have hopefully noticed that many tasks – including searching, adding photos, posting in the forums, and more – are much easier and more streamlined than they used to be! Today I am starting a new project, so thought it would be the perfect time to share how that works on phones (it’s really easy!).

First step! Go to ravelry.com in your mobile browser – or, if you’ve set up a shortcut to Ravelry on your home screen already, click on the icon. (If you haven’t done that yet it’s so easy, definitely check out the linked tip!) Log in if you need to.

project on mobile

Click on the Ravelry logo on the top left and the mobile site menu will expand. From here, you can quickly start a project in several ways: from the projects section of your Notebook, from the Ravelry pattern page, from your queue, or (this is a mobile-only feature), scroll down to the “upload a photo” link at the bottom of the site navigation and create a new project from there.

project adding on mobile

In this post I’ll share how to add a project from the projects section of your Notebook. First, click on projects section and then select the add button.

project adding on mobile

Fill in the basic information about your pattern and click continue.

project adding on mobile

If you are using a pattern that’s on Ravelry and filled in its name on the previous screen, we’ll have you confirm and select that pattern on the next screen so that your project is linked to the pattern’s Ravelry page.

project adding on mobile

Next you’ll be on your new Ravelry project page, where you can fill in all the information you want (I always like to start by adding at least the yarn and hooks or needles I am using). One cool thing about this page – when you click on on a text field, it automatically zooms so you can see what you are writing a bit more easily. Once you’ve filled out everything you want, scroll down and hit the save button.

project adding on mobile

You’ll then see the option to add a photo – another really easy thing to do from your phone!

project adding on mobile

I already took a photo of the yarn I’m using with my phone’s camera, so I’m going to click on the choose files button and then select photo library at the bottom, but as you can see you could also take a new photo now and upload it if you like. Select the photo you want to use from your camera roll and click upload.

project adding on mobile

From there you can rotate the photo if you need to, and add a caption if you like, then save. If you’re all done with photos, just click on the done button.

project adding on mobile

From here, you can edit your project further – updating the progress or adding the date you started; you can also click on the share this link if you’d like to be able to share it via Ravelry message or allow it to be seen by non-Ravelers with a special link or even visible publicly. You can of course easily find your project in your Notebook on your phone and edit it at any time.

These screenshots are detailed and the post is a bit lengthy because I wanted to show every step of the process, but in practice it is so fast and easy to add a project on your phone… which is great, because it lets us get back to our crafting sooner!

Eye Candy: Food, Glorious Food

November 28th, 2017

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving here in the USA – my favorite meal of the year. While I certainly ate my fill (and then some), I can’t stop thinking about food! Today I wanted to share some non-edible – but super-adorable – recently completed yarny food projects with you!


Above: beckjohn’s Sunday Croissant – how cute is this photo shoot? The pat of butter? Adorable.

thanksgiving food

For anyone still in the Thanksgiving mood, how about Shymoon’s Turkey, chacha13’s Amigurumi – Lemon Meringue Pie, or elizlauren’s Thanksgiving pumpkins / Stashbuster?

food faces

Finally, some anthropomorphic treats: Flossfan’s Taco Cutie, Skymoon’s Peas in a Pod, and LyssaOdyne’s Pompoenke.

If you’d like to check out more food projects, you can look at this project search with the “food” pattern category filter selected. Have fun playing with your food!

Eye Candy: Laceweight Yarn

September 29th, 2017

I love the fine detail you can get when making projects out of laceweight yarn: intricate stitches, delicate color changes, beautiful drape. Today’s Eye Candy highlights some beautiful projects made with laceweight, all of which have been completed so far this month.

laceweight 1

Left: knittimo’s Dawn, Right: skripka-lisa’s Cardamon/Кардамон

laceweight 2

Left: mng’s Prairie Wedding, Right: devonnejoy’s Mixed Berries Mohair Scarf

laceweight 3

Left: PadreWayne’s Scottish Lichen Scarf, Right: Pinneguri’s

Our Project Search is an easy way to find other projects made with specific weights of yarn – you can select the weight you’d like to see in the filters on the side, and even add more filters from the list. Enjoy!

Eye Candy: Black and White

September 12th, 2017

black and white

catandwhite’s Potholder “Mosaic” No.2

The talented dyers and yarnies in the yarn and fiber world give us a seemingly unlimited selection of color combinations to play with, from rainbow to natural hues. Today, we’re taking a look at projects made in bold and graphic black and white!

black and white 2

dreamsbythesea’s monochrome Birkin, pippy9’s Squid Chart, and shinyfuzzy’s Panda mittens.

black and white 3

Gladaiko’s kitty cushion, andreacollects’ (Indigo) Sea Shawl, and gangofpenguins’ Kitty Socks.

black heart

Tip: Road Trip Planner!

August 31st, 2017


Are you planning a road trip? Want to visit some yarn shops along the way? (Of course you do.) We have a tool for that: our Road Trip Planner! You’ll find it on the left side of the yarns tab.

road trip planner 2

Click on the words road trip planner, enter your starting location, your destination, and the number of miles you (or your travel mates) are willing to go off your route. Once you have filled in that information, click the find shops on my route button and you’ll get a list of local yarn shops! If you click through to the shop, you’ll be taken to its Ravelry directory page where you’ll find any information like the shop’s phone number, web address, and hours, if we have those details. Enjoy your trip and your new souvenir yarn!

Eye Candy: Colorful Shawls

August 15th, 2017

Shawls are perennially popular projects here on Ravelry! Today I wanted to share some recently finished, colorful and striped ones that caught my eye.

bright striped shawls 1

You can tell how cozy GGMadeIt’s GG’s 2nd Avenue is from her pose and her infectious smile!

striped shawls 2

I love the subtle and rich colors in adriennepdx’s It’s a Wrap, marremar’s A Crocodile Lost in Whirl, and PassiontoCreate’s Peacock Feathers.

striped shawls 3

Bright, stripey, amazing: these shawls put a grin on my face! tigris00’s Secret Paths, nosmallfeet’s Wonder Woman Wrap, and Stitchylinda’s American Pride Scarf.

These make me want to start a shawl project right now… but which shawl?? There are so many beautiful patterns from which to choose! It’s a good “problem” to have.

tdf fo 1

mumlovescloth’s beautiful Resonation Shawl

Last week, Sarah’s blog post showcased some of the beautiful yarn that was spun by 2017 Tour de Fleece participants. For this week’s Eye Candy, I thought I’d take a look at finished projects that were made with yarn spun during last year’s Tour de Fleece!

tdf fo 2

Above are anbrecht’s rotkappchen tuch, CarrieClothwright’s Autumn Rustic Flax, and tyedyediva’s Handspun Toe Up Socks.

tdf fo 3

Here we have deimne’s Handspun shawl for meesies, yancka’s G’day Lill Sister, and Tsovacool’s A Hat for Boromir.

Looking through handspun projects is one of my favorite things to do on Ravelry, and I love seeing people make such beautiful things with their Tour de Fleece yarn!


Moonstruckmermaid’s She Sells Seashells

Most Ravelers are enjoying beautiful summer days right now – but that doesn’t mean our sweaters aren’t getting any wear! Today’s Eye Candy features recently completed sweater projects with photos taken out in the wild.


paigelybparkin’s Tegna, ChristalLittleK’s Second Hugo, and Vasilevna’s Sea Sunset


gudclaire’s Sparkling Innovation, katiegreenbean’s Hanabira, and nestknitting’s April by the Sea.

Here’s to lovely FO’s and gorgeous scenery!

Eye Candy: Good Boy, Bob.

July 11th, 2017

good boy bob

Today’s Eye Candy is inspired by some sad news that is important to share with the Ravelry community. Sweet Bob, Ravelry’s lovable Boston Terrier mascot and loyal dog of our site’s founders, Jess and Casey, died yesterday, peacefully at home with his people, after being sick for some time. Bob was the best kind of dog – goofy, cuddly, a little bit snorty, and very playful, and he’s going to be missed very much. Today, in his honor, I thought I would share a little assortment of projects that reminded me of Bob.

bob projects 1

There are Boston Terriers, of course – Lyndilitz’s Boston Terrier, JennaWingate’s Turbo Portrait Blankie, and hookedbyangel’s Boston Terrier Cup Cozy.

bob small bob

Here is Bob and Small Bob – a cute wee puppet made for Jess & Casey by the nice folks at Malabrigo Yarn. (They have a free pattern if you want your own Small Bob!)

bob projects 2

Bob’s “thing” was balls and he would happily play with any ball at any time. These gorgeous yarn-y ones would be too delicate to be toys for an enthusiastic terrier, but they sure are cute: crochetbug’s Peace Sign Crochet Soccer Ball, amazonchyk’s Earth amigurumi, and lepemalestvari’s striped ball.

All of these projects make me smile, but I also want to say to Jess and Casey that people around the world are so sorry for your loss. It’s hard to lose a furry family member, but we thank you for sharing Bob with all of us throughout the years!

bob running

And Bob: you were always a good boy.