It’s May the 4th so it seemed fitting to feature projects inspired by Star Wars today. I could look at these projects all day, they are so much fun!

There are a lot of great colorwork projects with this theme, but here are a few I loved. From left to right: squidnunc’s The Dark Side Christmas stockings, kakakrokodil’s Nerd Scarf and Cannafan’s Star Wars Pillow House Warming

I now want to make ALL the Star Wars characters, but especially Porg. These guys are so cute: ajterrill’s Porg (Star Wars), maleficent’s Teeny Wicket and Marhega’s Chewbacca

Finally, here are a few other projects that caught my eye: SRusa’s BB8 baby blanket, Kippy’s Padme shawl (inspired by Padme’s white wrap) and rebelle467’s Porg Hat

I love checking out fan art and Ravelry is full of it! You can search for many of your favorite movies or tv shows and someone has made something inspired by it. Give it a try in the project search! May the 4th be with you!

— Sarah